Posted by: lemmod | May 10, 2010

Trail Of Tears

Although there are numerous American Indian tribes, I wanted to explore some significant events in American Indian history. As I looked for an event which had a large impact on American Indians, I soon came across the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears began in 1830 once congress passed the “Indian Removal Act.” Even though numerous Americans were against this act, it passed anyway and although the Cherokee nation whom it affected tried to fight it, they still had to obey the removal act. Through this act, the Cherokee were forced and removed from their land in Georgia and were ordered to march about 1,000 miles to Oklahoma where they were allowed to resettle. On the march, many American Indians died. With a lack of ways to acquire food and little places to stop at for items or shelter, the journey was extremely dangerous. Men, women, and children alike were all forced to be relocated and make the hike to Oklahoma by foot, horse, or wagon. In total, about 4,000 people died on this long journey and it became known from this as the Trail of Tears. This time in American Indian history is extremely sad for many and only occurred because the United States wanted to expand southward into American Indian Territory. Andrew Jackson, the President passed the American Indian Removal Act and with it, sentenced numerous American Indians to their death.

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