Posted by: lemmod | May 10, 2010

The Battle of Wabash

Another great victory achieved by American Indians other than Custer’s Last Stand was the Battle of Wabash. Ironically, this battle occurred on my brother’s birthday during November 4th, except that it occurred in 1791. The battle was a part of the Northwest Indian War and was fought between the United States and the Western Confederacy of American Indians. For this battle, the American men of Arthur Saint Clair were located near the headwaters of the Wabash River in present day Ohio while 1,000 American Indians led by Little Turtle and Blue Jacket, waited for them in the woods nearby. Once the American troops left their guns in an attempt to eat their morning meal, the American Indians soon attacked. Overall, the casualty rate of this battle was the highest ever suffered by United States troops to American Indians with a casualty rate of 97.4%. Through this battle alone, about one fourth of the entire U.S army had been wiped out and only 24 men came out unharmed from the battle. With such a defeat on his hands, Arthur St. Clair was forced to resign. The number of men lost to the United States government was simply unacceptable and totaled three times the amount compared to Custer’s Last Stand a little over eighty years later.  Eventually in 1794, the replacement of Arthur St. Clair was able to accomplish what St. Clair had not with a victory over the Indians of the Old Northwest in what came to be known as the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

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