Posted by: lemmod | May 5, 2010

The Iroquois

One major American Indian tribe that I have always heard about, but have never known a lot of information on was the Iroquois. Due To this, I began looking for information about the Iroquois online and soon found that there were 5 major tribes which made up the Iroquois confederacy. These five tribes consist of the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and the Cayuga tribes. However, the Tuscarora soon joined and the confederacy along with Iroquois languages soon rose to six. Throughout the past, the Iroquois had a unique lifestyle. To survive, most Iroquois lived in longhouses which are homes that can be 100 feet long and house as many as 60 people. These houses were wood frame buildings that were then covered with elm bark sheets to be used for siding.  As for weapons, the Iroquois used bows and arrows or spears. Although, to obtain food the Iroquois would often farm and plant corn, beans, or even squash. In regards to transportation, the Iroquois usually traveled by land but sometimes they were able to use canoes for activities like fishing trips. In the winter time, snowshoes or sleds were used to move throughout the snow with ease.  Last, the role of the Iroquois men and women were extremely important in their society. For the roles of society, men were generally responsible for fishing or hunting, trading, and war, while women were put in charge of the land and resources. Today, most Iroquois either reside in New York or Canada.

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