Posted by: lemmod | April 27, 2010

The Kickapoo Indians

Examining the Fox Indian tribe previously, I wanted to explore some of the American Indian tribes that were similar to them. One Indian tribe which has a similar language and customs to the Fox are the Kickapoo. The Kickapoo Indian tribe used to live in the Michigan and Ohio area however, they ventured to Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin in order to try to avoid the American and British conflict. Eventually, the Kickapoo were forced into Kansas and Oklahoma once they received pressure to move by the Americans.  For family life, the Kickapoo men were in charge of hunting and sometimes fighting in wars while the women would be in charge of the children, cooking, and farming. In order to carry around their babies, the Kickapoo mothers would often use cradle-boards which went on their backs like a backpack with the child inside. As for housing, the Kickapoo lived in tiny domed shape houses called wickiups which were brush shelters. Another key component of life, transportation, wasn’t cared for too much by the Kickapoo since they were mostly a farming Indian tribe. However, for their long migrations and when animals were finally introduced to them, the Kickapoo became excellent horse riders which they used in their long migrations. Last, in regards to clothing, men wore breechcloth and leggings and porcupine roach during war, while women wore skirts and deerskins during the winter. Today, the Kickapoo can be found in Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico, and Kansas.

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