Posted by: lemmod | April 21, 2010

North American Indians From Canada: The Innu

One North American Indian tribe that interested me since it was from Canada was the Innu. The Innu generally derived from Quebec or Labrador. They are a very interesting North American Indian group that speak the language of Montagnais or Naskapi. For their living situation, the Innu lived in either lodges or Wigwams. Also, they were very well known for their birch bark canoes and snow shoes in which they used to travel from place to place. In order to get food, another essential requirement of living, the Innu were big game hunters and hunted moose, caribou, or bears. These animals were easiest to hunt since they could track them pretty well in the snow. The weapons used in order to kill the big game were arrows, spears, and knives. Another interesting fact about the Innu is that they often traded with the Cree, Algonquin, and Ojibway Indians. These trades were beneficial to the Innu because they would trade furs for corn or tobacco since they weren’t farmers themselves. Last, the Innu wore clothing that was different depending on gender. Females wore long dresses while men wore breechclout and leggings. Moccasin boots made from white leather were also worn and some clothes such as their coats and leggings were often painted with a red or black design. Today, the Innu live in their territory of the past which they now call Nitassinan.

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