Posted by: lemmod | April 14, 2010

Fox Indian Tribe

One American Indian tribe that intrigued me while I was exploring many of them online was the Fox Indian tribe. This American Indian tribe’s name stood out to me for some reason and I began to wonder how they received it. I soon discovered that the Fox Indian tribe received their name after a hunting party told the French they were the ‘red-earth people’ while they were hunting by the Fox River. The tribe however was never really described in a nice way as they were a warlike tribe and neighbors often said they were stingy, thieving, passionate, and quarrelsome. Also, they Fox tribe consisted of polygamists. As for items they used, the Fox tribe had canoes that were made from birch bark and they used spears and clubs for weapons when hunting or fighting. For clothing, the women generally wore wrap around skirts while the males wore breechcloths and leggings. The Fox Indian tribe did not care for shirts too much and ponchos seemed to be fine to wear when the weather was cool. Although, the Fox tribe did care a lot about their hair and women were supposed to have their hair in a long braid or bun while the men had Mohawks or a completely shaved head with a single strand of hair.  In order to live, the Fox was mostly a farming tribe where the women farmed corn, beans, and squash while the men sometimes hunted deer, small game, or buffalo. Overall, the Fox used to live in Michigan and Wisconsin but today they generally reside on reservations in Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas.

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