Posted by: lemmod | March 16, 2010

Cheyenne Indians

Looking through my previous blog posts, I wanted to find another Great Plains Indian tribe and do a little bit more research on them. The Indian tribe I discovered which sparked my interest was the Cheyenne Indians. These Indians were considered to be a Great Plains Indian tribe when the Americans discovered them and they lived throughout many regions. The regions they were able to span from were South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. With the Cheyenne Indian tribe, roles could be established between men, women, and children. The men were the only ones who could become Cheyenne Indian Chiefs and seemed responsible for being hunters and warriors and protecting as well as feeding their family. Houses were owned by the women since they would actually build the house and drag heavy posts when the tribe moved. Also, women would be in charge of the cooking and cleaning for the family. With children, not much was expected with them and they were allowed to have dolls, toys, and play games. On occasion some children would go out and hunt or fish with their father. For their living situation, the houses of the Cheyenne were of earthen lodges and wigwams. However, as they traveled around more, they eventually switched to tipis using buffalo hides for around the outside as covering. Today, the Cheyenne Indians do not live in the area they previously did. Instead, there are two tribes which now reside in Oklahoma and Montana.

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