Posted by: lemmod | March 2, 2010

The Crow Indian Tribe

Over the summer, my family and I took a vacation to the Yellowstone National Park. I began to wonder which American Indian tribes inhabited this area of Montana and soon found that it was the Crow. Upon exploring a bit about the Crow online, I discovered that the Crow who were also known as the Absaroke, lived in the Yellowstone River Valley. The Crow lived in this area and hunted buffalo using their meat for food as well as their skins for tepees. Using poles made from wood and buffalo skins, the Crow were known to create extremely large tepees. The tepees were known to be similar to the Sioux Indian’s tepees and even today, an event known as the Crow Fair is the largest gathering of tepees in the world. Also, another interesting fact is that the Crow had more horses than many other tribes from the plains as well as many dogs. Unlike other tribes however, the Crow did not eat their dogs for food.  In dealing with clothing, the Crow had traditional clothing which was distinguished by gender.  Men generally wore a shirt with leggings, a belt, a robe, and moccasins. Women would wear dresses from deer or buffalo skins that were decorated with teeth from elks.  Other than material outfits, the Crow could be distinguished from other tribes because they kept their hair long. Today the Crow still exist mostly within the Yellowstone County and at numbers a little greater than 100,000.

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