Posted by: lemmod | February 24, 2010

Shoshoni Indian Tribe and The First Grade

When I was in first grade, my teacher read what came to be one of my favorite stories that I had ever heard in school. This book was called Naya Nuki and was about a Shoshoni girl who was kidnapped by an enemy Indian tribe and had to run for her life. Remembering this book, I decided to explore a little bit about the Shoshoni and their culture. The Shoshoni were a large Indian tribe which occupied parts of west Wyoming, a little bit of Montana, Utah, and the southern parts of Idaho. How they received their name seems to be unknown since the word Shoshoni is not amongst their language, however many believe another Indian tribe came up with it for them. The Shoshoni lifestyle depended on the area in which they lived. The North and eastern occupied land of the Shoshoni allowed the Shoshoni who lived here to hunt big game such as buffalo and ride horses. Although, the land to the west and south of their occupied territory was barren and the Shoshoni that inhabited these areas relied on fish, roots, or nuts to live since no big game were present. Also, the north and eastern Shoshoni had different housing styles than the south and western Shoshoni. To the north and east tipis were used, and to the south and west, brush shelters were common. Today, the remaining of the Shoshoni population generally still remains in the Idaho region.

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