Posted by: lemmod | February 16, 2010

The Blackfeet Indians

Further exploring the internet and some history about American Indians, I came across a tribe called the Blackfeet Indians. I began to wonder how this tribe’s name originated and soon discovered that the common belief is that it was due to their moccasins. The Blackfeet Indians name came from their moccasins being off-colored due to the ashes of the prairie fires that occurred around their living areas. Having dark and discolored moccasins, they soon became known as the Blackfeet Indians.  Not really habiting in one area, the Blackfeet Indians also put a lot of “wear and tear” on their moccasins. These Indians were roaming buffalo hunters and lived in tipis while moving around from place to place. They did however stay in the general area of the northern plains between North Saskatchewan River, Canada, the southern head-streams of the Missouri River, and near the base of some areas in the Rocky Mountains. Unlike other Indian tribes, the Blackfeet were pretty aggressive and constantly at war with neighbors like the Sioux, Cree, and Crow. The few people the Blackfeet were not at war with are the Atsina and Sarsi who instead were protected by the Blackfeet. Also, they were never really at war a lot with the United States but remained at an uneasy state towards them. After struggling through smallpox and having their numbers decrease heavily in 1869, today there are estimates that the Blackfeet population is just around 14,000 people.

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