Posted by: lemmod | February 9, 2010

Largest Indian Tribe In North America: The Navajo

After looking around on the internet for some time at many different North American Indian tribes, I became curious to know which Indian tribe was the largest Indian tribe in North America. I soon discovered that this tribe was the Navajo. The Navajo Indians first began their lifestyle in Canada and Alaska but they soon moved south into the United States. During this time the Navajo, or Dine, as they were also called, met farmers and began to settle on the land near them while learning their ways. With the farmers help, they were able to learn to grow many different crops such as corn and beans as well as make clothing and create art. Unlike the common known TP, the Navajo Indians lived instead of what are called hogans which are homes that have been crafted from bark, mud, and wooden poles. An interesting fact about these homes is that the Navajo made sure the door always faced east so that they could see the sun in the morning. For the children, boys and girls had different lifestyles. The boys had to learn to hunt and make tools while girls would make the food, pottery, and learn basket weaving. After puberty, the girls would continue to learn from the women and the boys needed to pass the test of courage which could be different for every individual. Overall, the Navajo generally resides in Arizona today with a total of 140,000 people spread across the United States and 16 million acres of land. Some use modern technology, however, others have chosen a lifestyle of the past and try to live like their ancestors.

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