Posted by: lemmod | February 3, 2010

The Cherokee In America

Cherokee Area In North America

Similar to the Sioux Indians, another American Indian tribe that I found with a great amount of history was the Cherokee Indians. As an American Indian tribe, the Cherokee Indians have lived from along the Tennessee River in the Appalachian Mountains, from the bottom of Virginia, and southward. In America, the first contact made with Europeans came in 1540 with the Spanish during Hernando Soto’s expedition. At this time, the Cherokee were known to the Europeans as the Chalaque, which translated, means cave people. However in the Eastern area their name was pronounced “Tsa-ra-gi” from which their now known name as the Cherokee can be derived. Although at this time, the Cherokee were still beginning to know the Europeans and became increasingly significant to American culture in the 1700’s. In 1775, the Cherokee decided to side with the British during the revolutionary war since there had already been a few heated confrontations with the colonists. The British traded weapons and ammunition to the Cherokee as well as offered bounties for the scalps of colonists at the time of this war. At first, the Cherokee were extremely successful in devastating colonist numbers. However, large colonist expeditions were sent out and they destroyed many Cherokee villages. Once the revolutionary war was lost by the British, aid from the British to the Cherokee ceased. The Spanish then seemingly replaced the British and continued encouragement of the Cherokee attacking the settlers. This was not needed because the settlers kept breaking land treaties causing the Cherokee to attack them anyway. Soon after the revolutionary war, the United States rose up and a new time began for the Cherokee. A time of defensiveness and attempts to retain the land they still owned.
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