Posted by: lemmod | January 27, 2010

Sioux Indians and The Dakota’s

Recently one of my friends told me that they were part Sioux Indian and I decided to do a little fact finding on the culture and history of the Sioux Indian tribe for them. I was able to learn and discover that the Sioux Indians had a rich cultural history and were known as the Dakota Indians. These Indians were first discovered by the French near the Mississippi River in 1640 but didn’t really become part of American history until the 1800’s. During this time the Sioux Indians helped the British in the war of 1812 against the Americans. However, this battle ended in 1815 with a stalemate as reasons for fighting in order to gain land no longer became advantageous to either side. Years later in 1855, the Sioux gave 35,000,000 acres to the United States for $3,000,000. All parts of this land exchange treaty were not fulfilled to the Sioux Indians by the United States and thus hostilities began. The Upper and Lower Sioux Indians soon became hostile in 1855 and once again in 1862 killing roughly 1,000 American settlers. Many Sioux also died and 1,000 Sioux Indians were held captive after this battle. This then became the reason many of the Sioux bands fled into the Dakota Territory and caused their name of the Dakota Indians to originate. Although, parts of the Sioux tribe who still felt threatened by the United States ended up fleeing into British Territory.

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